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Tomato Vine: Meals at Your Door

Brand and digital concepts for a local Minneapolis cafe looking to expand a portion of their business into local meal delivery and catering

Work done for Wattle & Daub | Art Direction | Experience Design


Defining the problem

As a small cafe in Eden Prairie, Minnesota The Tomato Vine enjoyed delivering tasty, "home-cooked" meals to the people that entered their store usually on a regular basis. Those same people continued to ask when they would be expanding to new locations or offering online ordering. By listening to their audience they began preparing a new home delivery service which would deliver organic, home cooked meals to the doors of the patrons who loved the food and were willing to pay a bit extra to get it delivered.


Focusing the creative lens

I typically define the lens as I go through the design process bit by bit. I like to move beyond where I think the project needs to go and then re-evluate what I've done. We leveraged the content the restaurant was already using to talk about their unique menu and style and moved that same tone over to the meal delivery. Always focusing on the quality of food and the ease of delivery. We began brand exploration, quickly focusing on the narrative for a local restaurant delving into the home cooked delivery business. Crafting the message and business plan before the rest of the touchpoint was vital as it largely changed how the site itself was going to speak to the different audiences looking to use it.

The main part of the site was the new focus on the three core experience personas. "I would like a meal delivered to my home, I would like my event catered, and I would like to visit your location and sample your food."

I split the content in two in order to speak to the two different experiences. It was important we look at personas at an experience level, how they were coming into the site and what they were looking for. At any moment a normal customer could become an online order or an online order may decide to cater, visit, etc. We wanted the experience to offer a pathway for each experience type and a way for them to transition needs.


Execution & Craft

Custom iconography, patterns, and handmade textures were used to build a "from scratch" brand from the ground up, ensuring a handcrafted experience to the core audience who expected a "from scratch" experience

Each new layer added new opportunities. The new patterns could be used for  food wrapping and on the backs of business cards. With each new discovery I went through the process of seing where and how it worked inside the larger brand we were creating.


What did I learn?

This was an exploration in creativity and using the skills that I love and have been crafting to create something unique, fun, and full of personality. To solve a visual problem that met the needs of the business, spoke to the audience, and allowed the brand to speak its own voice. Thats the most important lesson to be had from this excercise. I believe its important for a brand, business, individual to speak with an authentic voice. The path to disvocer that voice is different for everyone, you can use research, gut feeling, conversations with your audience, your own personal preferences, all of these things can be used to define your voice. I won't say there's one path, one solution, its a matter of identifying the activities to get you where you need to be.

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