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Brand, DIgital Concept

Tomato Vine

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Mobile App, Visual System, ui/ux

BCBS Customer View

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Brand, Digital Concept

Spaced Concept

Responsive Web, Ecommerce,ui/ux

Target Optical

Product Suite, Ui/UX, Brand

Eventus AI

Responsive, Visual System, CMS


Responsive, Ui/UX

All Kids Hospital

Digital Concept


Product, Responsive, Ui/UX

Stratsys Customer Hub

Digital Concept, Motion

Biatain Product Page

Responsive, Ui/UX, Concept

Best Buy Platform

Product, Motion

Wifi Analyzer: Geek Squad

A larger selection of work is available upon request. Projects ranging from creative concepting, motion UI, Design systems, product design, etc.

Welcome to my portfolio site. I'm Brant Day and I am a bald...

Closet nerd intensely interested in Jackie chan movies

Oh, and I've crafted web, mobile, and digital experiences since 2012 for startups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 organizations

Bald and proud of it since 2015 (just ask Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, Common, Jason Statham, and any character on History Channel's Vikings show about how cool being bald is)




Work & Approach

Design is the visualization of meaningful insights. The culmination of empathy and data, distilled down to a compelling vision, expertly crafted into something meaningful

What does a meaningful experience mean? Its all contextual. A bit of delight, maybe some magic, useful of course, beauty is a given. Its meaning should be defined by the group it was built for. It's beauty in it's ability to meet their needs and exceed expectations both visually and functionally.


Target Optical

Ecommerce, Responsive, Experience Design
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BCBS Mobile

Product Design, Mobile App, Visual Design, Visual System
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Spaced Travel

Concept, Motion Design, Experience Design
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I've worked with amazing companies, startups, and organizations, partnering to solve complex experiences from multiple different angles 



I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies solving problems both large and small, complex and simple. Across multiple industries and various mediums.

I've developed a diverse, versatile set of skills due to consistent side projects and 10 years at various digital agencies and consultancies

ideation & Discovery

Adept at using human centered research methodologies to define audience, need states, pain points, product vision, and other discovery goals

User Experience Design

Experienced in activities such as: User flows, sitemap creation, Usability testing, wireframe (sketches to hi-fidelity), and basic prototype creation and testing

Interface design / VIsual Design

Very proficient with all design activities including: Digital branding, Atomic library / design system setup, Illustration, iconography, and style guidelines


A natural piece of every project I engage in. I currently prefer Invision as my prototyping tool though I do have some experience in Axure and other prototyping tools

Motion concepts

When applicable, UI elements will be taken and using a motion friendly software (Adobe aftereffects, Invision Studio, Adobe XD, to test out the large scale motion implications, micro-interactions, and other necessary opportunities

Webflow site development

I can build sites all in Webflow without having to touch the source code (see this site). I do have a basic understanding of CSS and HTML which helps identify when I need the support of a more knowledgeable staff.


Skills & Experience

Slalom Consulting

Desig Lead/Experience Consultant

September 2016 — Current

Created robust experiences considering users, technology, and business needs for both Fortune 500 and startups across a wide array of industries.
Built cutting-edge experiences through research, strategy, and thoughtful design principles including, branding, typography, motion design, visual design, and illustration across a number of mediums, platforms, and screen sizes.
Simplified discordant digital brands through unified pattern libraries, styles guides, brand guidelines, and design system thinking.
Designed, consulted, and collaborated on brand, web, mobile, and information visualization projects.

Wattle & Daub

Founder, Lead Creative

May 2013 — Current

Freelance creative studio which focuses its efforts on crafting and delivering unique experiences to clients.
Planned, sketched, and built modern experiences through thoughtful experience design and visual design expertise utilizing my three focus areas of brand, web, and illustration.
Created meaningful illustrations and physical products for personal and client use including: apparel, posters, stationary, invitations, lettering, stickers, pins, etc.
Crafted brand experiences and collateral including: logos, photography, type, colors, etc for small to mid-size companies and individuals


UX/UI Designer

Jan 2015 — Sept 2015

Involved in bringing innovative UX strategy and design to OLSON on their 1to1 Loyalty team.
Art directed the UX and Visual Design execution for Target Optical's 2015—17 desktop and mobile redesign.  
Used guerrilla interviews to gather insights into user browsing habits to convince the client to modify their budget to include a feature not currently being considered.
Thoughtfully designed and planned experience updates for Old Chicago, Hilton hotels, Amtrak, etc.

The Nerdery

UX/UI Designer

Aug 2012 — Jan 2015

Using Research, strategy, and design, I participated in building numerous design experiences from mobile applications to full responsive website designs.
I am tasked with successfully leading projects through their ux lifespan and working with development to ensure they are properly deployed.
Collaborated and  contributed to cross-disciplinary teams, allowing each solution the opportunity to be seen from multiple angles in order to bring up efficiencies previously missed.
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